We have not only production facilities, but also
Auto Service, where the foll$owing types of repairs are made:

  • Walking part repairs
  • repair of the entire braking system
  • Installation and dismantling of brake linings, and disk pads, and clutches
  • Rivetting of brake linings
  • riveting of clutch facings
  • repair of engines, gearboxes
  • Installation and dismantling of spring leafs, shock absorbers, brake drums, bearings, belts, tie rod ends
  • Installation and dismantling of rods, slack adjusters, brake chambers, shafts, oil seals
  • Installation and dismantling of valves, air bellows, etc.
  • replacement of consumables (oils, all kinds of filters, antifreeze, etc.)

Auto Service focus is - light and commercial vehicles. The main objective of the company is to offer to our customers not only high quality and accurate service, but also the shortest possible repair time and competitive prices. You would be serviced by highly qualified personnel with experience in repair and maintenance, not to restrict light and running repairs. Facilities, equipment, trained specialists and many records allow any complex repairs. The company invests in training its stuff, ensuring a high motivation and personal commitment to the work. Our main goal is to achieve perfect service for your vehicles and to build confidence in all our clients, that this is the right place to solve all problems. All the parts used, we select with the years and we have chosen the best offered in our market products. In this way we can safely guarantee quality of our services. All repairs are performed as the necessary for their technical quality and reliability.

Repair of power-steering, and servo-brake parts.

New addition in the activities of LUDAL is the repair, to shock absorbers, and also to all types of power steering, and servo-brake parts. The company keeps stocks at any time of all the needed O-rings, oil seals and all the other parts needed for the repair. The repaired parts have the company warranty for the quality of the repair.

We work for your car, in the way we work for ours!
High-quality service and reasonable prices!
Quality, that pays out!