Our company is manufacturer of high quality Asbestos-Free friction products including brake linings and disc brake pads for light and commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, and clutch facings, and specialized friction products.
The main policy of Ludal Friction Ltd. is the availability of manufacture of all types of friction products – with all applications (standard, and not), as per the needs of its clients. No matter of the year, and country of manufacture of your vehicle, we guarantee that the needed friction products will be in our range, or they can be manufactured, and delivered in shortest time, and also we can offer repair sizes (+1; +2;+3 mm O/S), which is very rational in case of worn brake drums.

The friction products Ludal are manufactured in technical cooperation with leading world manufacturers of such products, in order of reaching the best level of performance and life of the product. The ability of the braking system is to allow the vehicle to move with high speeds, and the friction products Ludal allow the vehicle to stop when needed, and ensure maximum efficiency from the first stop on.

The comparison tests show that the friction products Ludal with their quality, and reliability belong to the highest quality products offered no the market.

Main characteristics:

  • improved composition of the material under foreign license limiting adverse effects such as so-called "whistle" when stopping, starting, unpleasant odor or breaking.
  • excellent adhesion and high fluency in breaking
  • maintaining a stable and constant coefficient of friction at different temperatures and pressures with high efficiency in dry or wet conditions - appropriate for different weather conditions, including during the winter season.
  • minor wear on the brake linings/disk pads and brake drum/disc, leading to a long period of exploitation
  • Attractive price for high quality
  • The manufactured friction products do not contain asbestos and heavy metals. The care for the environment constantly presents in the activities of the company. Consistently there are introduced new production technologies and new environmental materials. Also important is the newly established aspiration system in our production facility, which is essential for such production, improving the environment and  the working conditions.

Friction Products and Clutch Facings

The main policy of the company is to be possible the production and distribution of friction products for all applications, standard or not, according to the needs of its clients as per their specifications.

In this range there are included all the vehicle application friction products, and also friction products for road construction machinery, and others used in the industry (flt sheets, cone clutch facings, sectors, lift brakes, paper mills, clutch facings for sewing machines - generally everything that is made from friction material).

The product range includes the manufacture of different sizes of flexible, and non-flexible flat sheets, clutch facings, as the model range covers almost all the needs of the Bulgarian market, and is developed unstoppingly. The range covers the car products, and also the Commercial Vehicle applications, and facings with special applications.


Ludal Friction Ltd maintains a constant stock of necessary rivets for riveting of the drum brake linings, lift sheets or clutch facings:

  • steel rivets
  • aluminium rivets
  • copper rivets

shock absorbers

A MANUFACTURE of all types of shock absorbers for trucks, buses and trailers has been established. It is in Italian technology, and fully imported materials supplied by leading manufacturers in this sector. The range includes all types of relevant types:

  • ear-ear
  • pin-ear
  • pin-pin

The production of shock absorbers in custom design and size of the client is also possible. Completely new for the Bulgarian market is the modern technology, introduced by the manufacturer. There is imported a new, and modern testing machine for the shock absorbers, showing the qualities of the absorber in the real exploitation time, so that all the needed characteristics can be seen. The company offers the repair of all types of shock absorbers given by the clients, and this is made in the shortest period of time – a day or two. The manufactured shock absorbers, and the repaired ones have manufacturing warranty for quality.

Brake discs

We offer complete range of brake disks for LCV, and commercial vehicles, with guaranteed mileage, and proven European quality.


Ludal imports also a comprehensive range of manual slack adjusters, under its own brand name, covering the best quality levels in all exploitation conditions. We also have developed a comprehensive Catalogue for them, showing in details the dimensions, applications, and drawings of the slack adjusters.


The company imports a wide range of diaphragms, with high technical characteristics and guaranteed origin.


bearings, brake chambers, brake shoes, springs, oil seals, hub caps, brake-shaft repair kits, etc.